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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Massage bars

 The Massage bars use similar ingredients to the lip balms. They are just slightly harder ( use a little more bees wax) and instead of flavours, you use essential oils.
So far I have made rose and lemon bars ( cakes) - I use the silicone muffin cases and fill the about half full. I shall make more but have run out of some of my ingredients. 
Amazon SHOULD have delivered today - so much for garenteed one day delivery!
Looks like it will be Monday now.

I STILL havent had a go at making bathbombs - I do have everything ready to make them - except time!
Another 1500 word essay to do this weekend . I have almost finished my course now, just a few weeks to go . I am pleased to say that I am on track.
Now have to go be a taxi driver..

Love Soojay xxx

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