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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 Well thats it for another year. I am not the biggest fan of Christmas- I miss my parents, sister and son . Its is also pretty stressful sometimes. I have to say not too many big disasters this year. Nats was ill for a weel before hand and had to miss a few things, Meg is not well full of cold, lost her voice and this morning feels sick ( not great when you are also diabetic!) .
The hoover died yesterday, so we need to shop for a new one ( as well as a fridge- already on the list) .
Other than that not too bad :) 
Poor Dex is back at work today . I have until 6th Off - yayy. I do still have loads of stuff to make. The soaps and bath bombs seemed to have gone downm well - I may make some more :)
My course work all got handed in and accepted on time . Just waiting for final result.
Heres a few pics of our Christmas day 2014....
 LOADS of Gifts!

 A quiet moment on the x box before "they" get up.

 And we are ready, we usually open one prez and then have brekki ( homemade pancakes, bacon and mapel syrup) . Then attack the rest.

 Natalie loves owls and now IS one! 

I was pleased that Meg asked for an x box 360 and not an x box one - she is very happy :)

Happy New Year !!

Love Soojay xxx

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