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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Half Term !!

 Thank heavens!! It has been a long time coming. I don't intend on doing much just relaxing and pottering about.
Hubby left these for me this morning - he was working last night but is on a break for two days now. 
We took youngest dort to BF's house and dropped her off this afternoon. It will be very quiet without her for a day or so.

 In other news- I finally got my NVQ 4 certificate though and will hopefully be off to London to graduate in the Summer .

BTW I made this for hubby and bought him some sweeties in a heart shaped tin- I love Valentines- Any excuse to spread a little love - A much better holiday to celebrate than a lot of the others in my opinion :)
Its Hubby's birthday n a couple of days so I had better get back to the craft table!

Love Soojay xxx

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Kathryn Hardman aka Katalytic said...

Pretty card. Love the colour combo