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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sorry - MIA again

Its just So busy at the moment . at least Spring is almost here and the days are getting longer ( hopefully warmer and sunnier too).
I have a couple of birthdays in the horizon to sort out . Meg is 20 soon and Nats 30...Wow how did that happen!?

Yesterday I spent the day at Diss high school helping the girls from the "Girls Group" that Nats attends get ready for a panto they had a couple of numbers in . There were two performances and both were fab.


 sorry photos not brilliant - I didn't want to put them off with a flash.

 They had two numbers ( in case you hadn't guessed, it Willy Wonka ! ).
They were the chickens who laid golden eggs.

 A pose before the second performance . They are all such lovely girls we had such a laugh.

 Take a bow ( note those feet!)

 Finished ...until next year.

Just some of my mothers day gifts- yes I am sharing those chocs ( that's why they bought them! ;) )

I will try not to be so long next time.

Soojay xx

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