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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Almost 20

Next week is Megan's 20th Birthday.
I am so proud of  her , she is such a lovely young woman.
She has had to go though quite a bit in her life already : at five years we found out that she was type one diabetic and that made her different from all her friends. She has speech problems and learning difficulties although she hides it very well. She measure herself up against others and " in her eyes " always falls short.

 Yesterday her BF told her he couldnt handle her insecurity and ended thier relationship.
We have talked and she is now okay with this and know that there will be someone out there who will love her for who she is and help BUILD her self esteem and not destroy it.

 She is stornger, sweeter , kinder, braver and wiser than she she thinks and needs to focus on what is important- the kind of woman she is becoming and not what she looks like.

Most of all she needs FUN and that is what is planned for the rest of the Easter hols.

Love Soojay xx

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