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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A catch up

 I have just finished reading this book which I loved. I have also read "Sister" and "afterwards" . Theses are the only books she has written so far, and I can highly recommend them all .

 Derek and I found this on netfilx and are already on season three! we watch one episode before he goes to bed off nights ( having our lunch) and one before he goes to bed after teatime. 

 This is my daughter Meg's FAV programme and we have to all sit and watch it with her on a Wednesday - Tonight ( after 5 seasons) we finally find out who "A" is - Meg has been doing my head in all day with excitement and theories.

Still can't hand washing out in the garden except on Sundays  because of the major construction/demolition site across the road causing so much dust. Can't really sit in the garden ( for same reasons - dust and noise) . Also the house next door is being gutted as it has finally been sold.

Love soojay xx

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