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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Short term memory loss

Well thats my excuse, for forgetting how to post (how embarassing!!)
If anyone reads this at all , i make no apologies for my spelling...i really do try but its getting worse. So , if you are one of those people who HATE spelling mistakes..please leave now.
My sisters , i have to say, love my spelling , it makes life more fun, trying to work out what i have typed!!
It is very quiet here today.......too quiet really , not sure where my children are. Yesterday poped down to the shops only to pass Megan with a friend!! As it was her birthday, i didn't shout too much , but made it clear that she really ought top ASK before she does it again. she was 11 yesterday, and Eye is only a small town, but Megan DOES have learning disabilities and is diabetic.
Been working on a "happy" book.....Anso's idea for those not able to keep up with the Rhona's 21 day challenge. Really pleased as i am up to the fouth page and they are doubles.
My next challenge is to work out how to upload some images here.............don't hold your breath LOL.

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