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Friday, November 03, 2006


Still nothing to show you
Its been one of those weeks! Halloween was awful as my children shouldn't have sweets. We don't do trick or treat as they are a bit old now, but......they were VERY hyper and we had so many people knocking on our door. It was so stressful , i ended the evening in tears and it takes quite a bit to make me cry nowadays. ( except TV of course LOL)
Wednesday evening we had a lovely man come to see us about respite. It will mean that we could have 3 1/2 hours a week. Dex and I will be able to go shopping TOGHETHER with out the children :) Unfortunately we were under the impression that he was just going to pop in at 6.30 to get to know us but, he didn't leave till 10!! The children were late to bed and we were really tired ..boy can he talk!!! LOL
Thursday evening I finished my "school safe" training and sat a test :)
Its been busy at work too..been given more responsiblity ( no more money though).
Tonight I am hoping to do some scrapping
Been looking at all the worldwide dares ( sorry rubbish at links) and looking forward to seeing the UK speshal dare at 11pm tonight.
We have disided to TRY to take part in the blackout tomorrow between 4.30 and 7.30. Ok i know we are not in London AND we may still need to kepp one TV on for the children , but all the lights and electrical stuff can be turned off. I supported in two Geography lessons today and heard all the facts!! VERY scarey. Turning some things off is better than nothing. Wouldn't it be great if they did it in fact while we were talking about it , one of the year 8 children wanted to know why they didn't do it in Las vegas!!


Cath said...

sorry Halloween was tough for you babes ((HUGS))
Heres hoping you get the respite Sue, would be great for you i'm sure!

Anonymous said...

*hugs* hope the respite works out. as for the lights... the usa thinks they are invinciple but they use different power here - lower volts and such like so the consumption is different but its still way high. Canada is better about environmental stuff so we're doing ok here...

(hope this works been trying for 2 days to post but bloggers not helping me)

Mel said...

Sorry you had a difficult time on Halloween. Respite sounds like a good idea, a bit of time just to do things together sounds like a really good idea. Take Care