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Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have finally been able to get onto my NVQ3 teaching assistants course. Should start in the new year and the really good thing is that i will be doing it on a wed morning in Diss ( 5 miles away) . Bad for the school as they will have to release me to do it , but great for me as i won't have to do ALL the work in my time at home ( lets face it ..i would have to be up till 2am to get any quiet here!)
We had our carer round last night and went out Tesco's !! LOL ..We did go to the pub for tea first though. Meg wanted to know if we were going on a date...i like the sound of that :) Unfortunately they were awful to get to bed and it was after 10 before they settled down.
Poor dad is STILL in hospital and really fed up. They keep telling him thaty he can come home , but then change thier mind..but don't always tell him :( Nats and i popped round to his tonight to make sure that the fridge was clean and sort out his bungalow so it is nice and welcoming when he does come back.
Not done much scrapping..a couple of things for the scrapagogo DT , the monthly UKs ACT swop and a couple of birthday cards.
Really pleased that i finished two baby books,,one i started last year! They are just decorated pages for the mothers to put the photos onto. Anyway here is one:


Jen said...

Oh great news about the respite! You SHOULD go on a date!! It'd be great ;)

Heather said...

Aw - cute little baby book. :wub:

Glad you got to go ona date. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for going round Tudie :o)x

Anonymous said...


Likey the date idea! But Vin would be most put out if we said we wanted to go somewhere alone, lol! I'm smiling, just imagining his reaction! :-)

jk xx

Anonymous said...

Great baby book. Congrats about the ta course:D