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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bad Blogger!!

A whole week since i blogged and no scrapping done as such. Things are starting to get so busy now.
I am typning this while i eat my tea as i am off to see Bill Wyman with a girl friend i haven't seen for ages ( today is her birthday...Happy Birthday Pat!..she won't read this LOL).
On antihistamine at the moment as there is something weird going on with my mouth...NO COMMENTS please LOL..anyway my lips are swollen. It won't be long till they ask at school if i have had botox!
Dex and i went out for our weekly shop and meal last night..very nice :)
Poor dad is STILL in hosp. Is on blood thinners now as his blood keeps clotting.
Really pleased as Steph ( my sis ) is working in Norwich for the next two week , so i might get to see her :)
Have a great evening :)

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Heather said...

Sending good thoughts to your Dad.