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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Emily's ACT challenge

LOL I have forgotten what week it is! The Prompt: Who (or what) do you miss?

It would be really easy to do Cav or Mum so i disided to do a What do you miss.

I miss the 70's as it was my teenage years. I really miss all that glitter..i even glittered my hair !! LOL The lip gloss that looked like you had smeared chip fat all over them , but smelt of mint; Aqua mander, Eau Jeune and just musk perfumes; Big wedge platform shoes, held on by tiny plaited straps; Flared trousers and tanktops; cheese cloth; The disco music, David Essex,Leo Sayer, Mud etc; ...the list is endless (not to mention innocence, no worries,no bills, great health)....sigh


Ann(i)e said...

All your cards are great!! Love seeing them. Your two layouts from the last post are gorgeous those flowers!

Nicki said...

Hello me dears. Love those little inches you are doing. Well done for keeping up with Emily's challenge mine have long since bitten the dust.
How's Nats ankle now?

jake said...

Course.... I can't remember any of those things myself.... ;-) (patchouli oil and afgans....!) but what a blast from the past seeing the biba logo was!

Did you shop for your loons in Chelsea Girl? Lol!

jk x

Phila said...

Thanks for writing this.