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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Where did the week go to??

Its madness how the time goes!!

I have been having a go at doing inchies ( as i am taking part in a swop) are a few ..sorry about the photo , i MUST get my camera fixed as Nats is no good at close ups. Steph, they are what they say inch square :)

I looked in my planner earlier and realised that i am out till Friday night :( ..Two evenings and one morning doing training ( for school) and the rest of the time at work. I am making the most of today to catch up and also do a bit of scrapping.
Poor Nats is still not able to get her shoe on , and so is still off Collage and not able to go out ....she is really fed up , especially as her foot doesn't hurt so much now , just still swollen and an awful colour.
My darling children have been awful all weekend with Megan taking the Gold for attitude..Grrrrrrrrrr. I don't know if it is High school, Hormones, her Diabetes or just that she is foul but she is really tring all of us at the mo.
Right off to do some work ;)

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