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Thursday, April 12, 2007

And another

Thought i ought to do a pencil lines sketch since i have a link to the site! I did have good intentions to do most of these but life gets in the way. I am sure that when i am back at work next week i shall be back to doing an average of one LO every two weeks!
I love the pizzazzill card ...great for monochromatic pages.
Time for a coffee i think :)


Annette said...

My goodness woman you have been so busy!
Love the LO's you've done this holiday. I know I'm biased but you're so talented

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is time for you to pick up a pencil and really show off your artistic talents, the peeps who read your blog are not aware that you can draw and paint too ... and lets not forget who started off the whole family x stitching trend that lasted over a decade! xoxox