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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quieter than i thought it would be

so far anyway..School Hol that is :)

dan is out at a friends( just up the road) ..keeps popping in to ask if he can have a hampster..his friend has one to get rid of :( ....I really don't "Do" pets.

Nats is at her friends and staying for tea. They went to Diss yesterday on the bus and i counted the secs till they were back. It is only the second time that they have been together. They are hoping for sunshine tomorrow so they can go for a picnic in the park.

Meg is the only one home and watching Tv ( playing with Bratz ) :)

I couldn't resist the paper for the LO above..SO Megan!!LOL Its a bit noisey and seems to have scanned a bit darker ( probably all the 3D stuff)

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Anonymous said...

Poor Meg! I was always blamed for everything too ... I think the skull was a bit over the top but thanks for not including crossbones to go with it ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow Megan! :0) xoxox