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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lovley Day... the end. Started off a bit mad, with Megan fussing about what to wear to go to a friends party. We had nearly all her clothes down all over the place grrrr . In the end she wore her first choice!! She is still out and its so peaceful here :)

Nats has been off shopping all day to and Dan has been in and out all day. I SHOULD have got my homework done but....instead watched three eposodes of Greys season three. Even better than the first two, if thats possible. I have been sitting at my PC watching with tears streaming down my face LOL good job no one came to the door!!

I have done this weeks pencil lines sketch . No 28.

I was going to try to do 6" x 12" but managed 8 x 12 instead. Decorated my bazzill bling with cherry arts rubber stamps.
didn't scan too well as it is quite lumpy , with the chipboard clipboard.


Annette said...

Blimey he looks so young on those photos!

domestic goddess said...

love that size, great LO hun xx