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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back to School tomorrow

And work for me. I don't mind ..apart from the layins to 8.30am LOL. Just got to iron the uniforms. The children are now a bit bored though which means that they are winding each other (and me) up.
I am still on the look out for another course, I am begginging to think that the only way I can boost my wages IS to train as a teacher...that would mean I would be 50 (at least) by the time I had finished. :( I really want to work with the behavioural team in the school.
To start with i am going to take my maths exam ( as I didn't get an o level at school ) Belive it or not , I DID get English even with my dreadful spelling.
BTW this is how I was taught to read and I think, why I am so bad at spelling.
Dan did really well yesterday at the swimming gala, coming in first and second in his races. Dex was really impressed with his swimming. Dan has been told that if he can brush up on his technique ( sorry spell checker is not working on blogger today !) he could make the school team.

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