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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Off Out

Tonight for a nice quiet meal and then shopping. We have a carer coming ay 6pm till 9pm. The children has been fighting most of the day so i will not miss them!!

Dan is becoming a problem, there's not many peoplr for him to hang around with and he is already bored with playing football. He has a friend ( also with learning peoblems) who is 20 and of course is not really responsible. I don't like him being with Dan ( who is 14) but its not so bad if its a group of them playing football. Anyway, this "boy" calls for Dan this afternoon and they want to go swimming 5 miles away. As it was already 2pm, i said no it was too late. then they want to know if they can go to the boy's house to play with the i say no ..THEN they want to go to a snooker club !! I feel awful saying no but it is not local and if there is a problem, it would be difficult for me to get there quickly. Dan has lots of "problems" and i feel safer if he is in Eye ( where we live). I know he just wants to be more independant but i just don't trust this boy. Anyway, he is out ( god knows where ..just hope he is near by and NOT gone off!!) Ohh the joys of teenage boys!

Made some Easter cards today with images from the "hug club" Sorry scans are a bit blurry and bright !

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