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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beautiful Day

The sun is shining yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
It makes SO much difference.
I can smell Dex cooking a late breakfast/brunch in the kitchen. The children are all busy and its peaceful ...doesn't get any better on a Sunday morning ( yes i know it won't last LOL!)
Gave up on looking for a new scanner and installed the multi function thingy thaty i bought when i got Dan's laptop last year. So i am very posh and have two printers attached to PC now. Have updated my scanning softwear ( to scan 12" x 12") and just need a bit of time to practice.
It is half term here, so i am hoping to do a bit of scrapping especially as i have no homework or lesson plans to do.
We have no plans, just rest this week. Dex was great and took Meg to the diabetic clinic last week so, i don't have loads of hosp appointments that i normally have when there is a break. We have increased her insulin again.
We watched Atonement on DVD last night..WOW what a sad film!
My little Sisters Birthday Today....don't think she reads this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA!! anyway :D

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lyzzydee said...

Doesn't a sunny day pick you right up ???