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Friday, March 28, 2008

My bits from this week

Heres some of the stuff I have been doing this week.
The top two "banners" ( they are almost finished) are for Meg and her best friend. They both turn thirteen next week.Eeek! They were inspired by the Fab JO on Its A creative world blog. I LOVE hers, go look.
The second(Little Miss Sunshine) it the UKS weekly team challenge, its AGES since I did one. I have used self adhesive lace and KI memories lace card( from a ScrapaGoGo kit ). I painted the lace card and also used stickles.
The third( Still Cute) is from the colour challenge blog ( thanks for the acetate frame Nets)
The Fourth ( Only a real princess can get away with what I do!) Was just for fun as that photo was calling out to be scrapped!
The last one was just a challenge to use up old stock/scraps and documents Meg new haircut.
Nats went off to Diss today to do her Voluntary work. She went on the bus on her own and I went with Meg to pick her up at 1pm. Thanks to the scrappad ladies for keeping me company and reassuring me, as i was sitting worrying, like a fool! We all got drenched in Diss, went to subway for lunch. Then, I slipped over on the way to the car, in the middle of the road, with a car coming!! How embarrassing! Nats just stood there and screamed ( Joy!) but i am fine. Even think my ample bum is intact :D


Anonymous said...

Ooh por you, I could see it all as I read it *HUGS* Love you :0) xoxoxox

Anam_Kihaku said...

gorgeous artwork girlie - love those banners.