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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lovely weekend!

First I have to say that Dex is over the moon as Wales Won! :D..I am just glad that the screaming has stopped.

Yesterday Nets and I had to go and finally close dads bank accounts. It was done quite quickly and I will be able to finish sorting everything out soon and finally get a headstone up. We then popped to Stoke By Nayland and crashed the ATDML retreat. It was really difficult to leave ( especially as we went in Nov and everything felt so familiar) We were made so welcome and stayed to lunch, shopped and had LOADS of cuddles from some great friends. Just being there for an hour or two really inspired me.

Today Dex and Dan have gone to Ipswich to the cinema to see "The three Hundred" ( I hope that's right) and are bringing pizza back for tea ....yayyyyyy no cooking.

After two weeks , I have scrapped :D I bought the "Dares" book from a friend and love it , as it challenges you to scrap everyday moments. The Lo I did to day is about arguments...after almost 25 years we still argue at least 2 or 3 times a week and this week was no exception!

I was called out of a CDT (woodwork) lesson to the school reception on Friday morning. While running there , I had all sort of thoughts going though my mind , that one of the children was ill or hurt. When I got there, there was Dex in the main reception area , on his knees with flowers. I thought we had already made up from the row the night before! The office staff were really impressed and thought it was SO romantic.....he IS forgiven! LOL

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Clare said...

was lovely to see you on Saturday Soo - wish we could do it more often! xxxx