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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another week gone!

Just like that! Haven't done much scrapping , except for the month in my life book. Will upload a few pages when i get chance.
Was sent home from school on Fri afternoon as i have a stupid head cold and cough. Didn't stop me going on a fab retreat this weekend though! I sniffed and coughed my way through it all and apologise to anyone who has caught my rotten cold! Even though i was "retreating" for two days i only managed one LO ( thats still not finished) . Spent most of the time gassing and having fun :D I managed to take about 150 photos and may well put some on here tomorrow.
Forgot that Dan finished his D of E this week and is camping out Mon and Tues nights!! Have been frantically packing his stuff for tomorrow.
Meg decided to throw away her school bag , as its falling to bits, i was very intrigued to see "I love Dale" Dale is kute" (KUTE??) and "Dale 4 me" all over it ......apparently its Dale from BB..Well i don't watch it had to have a quick look and have to say that you may well see "Dale is Kute" on MY school bag tomorrow! He does seem rather attractive ( didn't watch long enough to see if he had a personality though)
Looks like a busy week, and I need to roll my sleeves up and get on with some DT stuff. See ya later xx

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