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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Sunday

Got up early coz i knew the children would lay in and managed two loads of washing :) Put new BBQ together ready for tea time. ( should have weeded the patio again!) Did two LO for scrapaGoGo's August gallery.

Nats and I went in search of a new BBQ yesterday, we had to look around as some places either had the real basic one or ones that were a bit too flash for our small garden. We were going to get a gas one but it worked out too expensive by the time you had to pay an agreement for getting the gas and then the gas and an adaptor too. We settled for a cheapy charcoal one.

We had a small BBQ today to try it out ..LOL i think preparing the food made us half full before we started and there's still a few sausages and a burger left. Don't look at the scruffy garden too closely ...or next doors wobbly fence!

The LO is from the school trip to Duxford last month and the memorial to the American airmen.


lyzzydee said...

Its been beautiful barbeque weather!!

Anonymous said...

Charcoal-y food is MUCH nicer than gassy food :) xx