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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sorry ...........not really!

Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Yesterday was the last day at school. It was really busy even though the pupils were only in for the morning. We had 10 ..yes 10 teachers leave..quite a few retiring ( a few coming back to work part time or in a different position)

We had a special buffet and loads of speeches. I was really surprised and touched to receive an enormous bouquet of flowers from the PE teacher ( we worked together for 10 years running the outside sports bookings in the evenings while I was the evening school caretaker). The Ta's also got a mention by one of the other teachers who left which was really nice.

Being a TA is a strange sort of job as ( in our school) your not quite sure where you fit in..we are classed as non teaching staff ..yet we all teach ( often small classes on our own..occasionally doing cover as well..although no one would say we do). We are responsible for making sure the pupils access the curriculum to the best of their ability and some of us help with personal care, act as a councilor, help with homework, listen and watch all the time, not to mention all the extra stuff that supports the teacher and then paperwork and observations etc. Some teachers love having us in the class, some are friends, some feel we are judging, some give us loads of info and ask for help or advise, some ignore us . I have to say that its the best job in the world and going into so many different lessons across the curriculum, I get to learn as well. :)

This week has been busy and stressful but i am now enjoying my hol and looking forward to a whole load more new challenges in September.

Photos are of my flowers and some of the pages for my MONTH in MY LIFE book :)

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