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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday again

Already!! I have hardly touched my scrap supplies this week :( Will try to do something today as the boys are off to watch Ipswich and Swansea play, Meaning it should be peaceful here :)
I am still full of cold..its been at least three weeks now and I now have a bit of an ear ache too :(
I took yesterday off work to try and shake it off but i don't feel any better.
Have done loads of shopping for stash ..must have filled my basket four or five times yesterday but had to click off the site LOL . Can't justify spending that much. I dont know about you , but , unless its a big purchase that i have saved especially for, my limit is usually around the £20 mark..If it comes to more than that, i don't order LOL and with the cost of living ATM the orders are few and far between. I am loving the look of some of the new MM stash on Artbase and Ness at Papermaze now has all the bazzill dotty card. I would love those Tim Holtz fragment charms over at the Craft Emporium. And lots of places now have the new sickles in ...sigh

LOL Dont feel sorry for me though as i am off to ATDML retreat next month and i shall be surrounded by most of that gorg stash..saving now! ;)

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