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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Am Loving the Nov kit....

from ScrapaGoGo!! <------Click the link for an image of the kit.
It arrived on Friday and I did a LO yesterday ( peeks above) Not been able to do much today as we went out. Ohh joy! The children ( almost adults now) were awful the whole time and were bickering the whole time..I think 10 five year old's would have been easier!! We only popped to the range , they all had a list of stuff they wanted from Nats scrapbook supplies, to Megs art supplies and Dans stuff for his room. Of course there was nothing there on my list and i just made an order to paper mill LOL. We popped to see Nets but they were out, so we went to get something quick and easy for tea from Asda. I feel like we have been out for three weeks! I am planning a very quiet half term week with lots of scrapping :)
My colds not shifted yet and , not surprising, had an ear ache earlier!!

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