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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some more

The last two are my favs. The labels are from here
They were printed out and embossed a few times, bunged in the freezer and then crackled. I also used my slice to make the flowers.


Anonymous said...

I suppose putting them in the freezer gives them that authentic frosty winter touch. Coincidently, I am doing a painting of a dragon, maybe it will look better if I bung it in the fire? BITC xox

Jane said...

These are fabulous Sue, love them all!

Muckyfingers said...

Steph, you're bonkers.... xx

Anonymous said...

Nets, takes one .... :0) xox

Boo said...

Adore those little Christmas Trees .... is it a stamp, is it paper, is it a tree? Tell me, tell me. xxx