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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How Lazy!!

Have I been! Getting up late, doing nothing much and its wearing me out LOL!!
New Cooker coming on 12th ..ahh well..It gives me plenty of time to sort the kitchen out ..Not that i have started yet! Our Kitchen is REALLY small and the walls are awful, due to bad paintwork etc. It desperately needs doing and there's not that much wall to do ..Not sure how to decorate it as i want it to be sunny..probably a yellow colour..I can't afford to get it re plastered , so will probably either use lining paper or add something to the paint to add more texture..Any ideas?????
Am about to reclaim my scrapping space back as i haven't done anything over the holiday and i have a few Birthdays coming up, plus the 25th of Nov and Dec pages to do. Hopefully the Feb scrapaGoGo's kit will be arriving soon :D
Not been that impressed with the sales so far ( scrapbook) but i love the stuff at ATDML and they started their sale today :D ..Go Look
Just wanted to wish anyone reading this a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope its a good one for you


lyzzydee said...

Happy New Year Soo and all your family!!!!

Maria said...

Happy new year Soo.

We did our utility room in a plastic tongue and groove but it looks better than it sounds.

It was from Wickes or B&Q comes in colours and you just glue it to the wall. Covers a multitude of sins.