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Monday, December 01, 2008

Well .....

Even after the weekend , i still feel shattered! Mind you, it was a really busy weekend. I spent a wonderful day at the Wyverstone Christmas Crop...I think it is the first time i have managed a Christmas one. We played games, had secret Santa and went out for a meal at a local pub. Brill..I am ashamed to say that i made ONE card!! And a bad one at that! LOL
Sunday i took the girls to the local garden center to get some Christmas cards and bits. we had lunch there too. Then we popped into Diss to get some food shopping ( although i slipped a couple of presents in my basket when they weren't looking) Because of my gadding about, i got very behind in the housework etc and the place STILL looks like a bomb has hit it.
Doesn't look like things will let up much this weekend as Dan has a football match on Sat and needs to be there by 10.30 LOWESTOFT!! ( 35 miles away).
I have made a total of two Christmas cards so far, so need to get a move on.

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