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Saturday, May 09, 2009

As promised

But no scrapping or craft photos. I DID tidy up and that makes me want to scrap now LOL In the middle of a "Scrap your man" Layout and will hopefully get to finish it tomorrow. Nearly time for Sat night Chinese and telly.
Dan has gone off to Wales with the school for a week. I am not worried about him as this will be his Fourth time there. Its a GREAT place that caters for children with all kinds of abilities and they know him well. Just hope he behaves himself. I have to say that it is very quiet here and Dex is really missing him.
Mad week at work due to yr 10 exams and lots of the dept off for one reason or another. It ill only get worse as we also have the yr 11 Exams starting next week and then the A levels.
Had visit from two nutters (above!) LOL


Muckyfingers said...

Gosh, thanks dear..... Hmmmm Lovely visit :) Thanks xx

Boo said...

LOL great photos of the nutters!