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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weird ol' week!

Dan was away for most of it, he came back on Friday just after Nats left for the weekend. Nats arrived home 10 mins ago ( from a girly weekend at centre parcs).
I seem to have spent most of the week packing or washing! Dan brought quite a bit of the beach back with him.
The weather has been awful and i have been back in Autumnal clothes again :(
My timetable at school is out the window as its exam season and we support in all of them. I would rather sit the exams!
I did start a LO today and was hoping to share it but while i was waiting for my glossy accents glaze on the letters to dry, Dan threw a piece of paper on them and it stuck to them. I am now waiting for second set to dry!
My car has two oil leaks fixed and I am broke again :( :( .

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