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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big News!!

And a manic, manic week!
First from Jan , i shall have a new job in the school as assistant to the behavioural manager. Its a job i applied for when it came up four years ago but had only been the school caretaker at the time so i took a teaching assistant job instead. I have to say that I have LOVED being a TA it has been my favourite job so far. The big problem is that the wages are totally rubbish compared to other support staff in the school. Anyway, I shall miss being in the classroom and working with the wonderful teachers and outstanding team of TA's but.......I am so excited about my new roll :) and as I shall be in the same school, I still get to see everyone.
Other stuff.
Poor Natalie had a seizure on Wednesday when i went to pick her up from her placement. She hasn't had one for over four years. I just think it was too hot and she can't just faint without going into a seizure. She is fine again now thankfully.
Dan and Meg have broken up for the school holidays. They both had a good last week with LOADS of great activities at their schools. I on the other hand am at school on Monday as we don't break up till Monday lunchtime!!??!
I am off to a small local crop this afternoon and am looking forward to escaping for a little while..not sure what i shall scrap yet.
Hopefully will be back tomorrow with some photos.

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lyzzydee said...

Congrats on your job, hope Nats is feeling better