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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mini Break

is over :( Had a wonderful time, although it went far too quickly!
We spent a night just outside of Bath in a wonderful Hotel with a four poster bed ( although it was a little high and i needed help to get on!). I fell off once.
We then went to the Moorland Hotel on Dartmoor for a couple of nights. Not quite so posh but great just the same, VERY friendly staff who persuaded us to try Kangaroo kebabs ( The owners are from Aus). We went to Plymouth, it was pouring so we went to the cinema to see "the proposal "( v.funny) We also managed a picnic on Dartmoor :)and a visit to Princetown - where the prison is and a wonderful pottery place right in the middle of Dartmoor and had hot chocolate. The pottery was lovely but just a bit too expensive for us. What a great place to be creative though.
On the way home we stopped at a hotel in Reading. It all ended too quickly. The children were really well behaved, thank goodness and no problem.


Maria said...

Sounds like fun and that bed does look a tad high but very romantic ;)

Hope that you're enjoying the holidays.

Happy Wednesday xxx

Anonymous said...

Nope, looked at them 14 times now and still can't see the pic with you in trousers ;0p xoxoxox

Boo said...

Oh Soo how romantic - what great places you went to. Love the bed. That river is pretty swollen, isn't it? Was thinking of you both and hoping you'd have a great time. So glad the kids were good. It means you'll be able to do it again soon then!
Love Boo xxx :D