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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wheres the summer then?

It WAS sunny for 10 mins this morning...just while i put the washing out, now raining again! Dex has taken Dan ( Meg refused to go) to Pleasurewood Hills today. They all spent so much time arguing over where to go , Meg wanted to see HP at the cinema but Dan wanted to see the Pelham movie. They thought about bowling but in the end PWH. Lots of fighting and arguing and eventually they went. So i have the girls and need to get food shopping.....sigh ....they will have to come but it means that i shall end up buying more "rubbish" than i intended. Megan has already requested a blond hair dye, ohh and can I do it this much for peace and quiet and scrapping :(
The LO above is one I did a while ago for our team challenge on UKS this week. Here's the info
The Lo is of Nets giving Rosie her first bath at hospital.


Muckyfingers said...

S'lovlier in real life :)
Tell Dan I'll go see Taking of Pelham 123 or whatever it's called with him :) xx

Boo said...

Awwww just look at that. Where does the time go. Beautiful LO Soo of the beautiful Nets and Rosie. :D