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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just too many breakdowns!!

This year has been beyond a joke!! REALLY Most of our larger appliances have died over the past year starting last Christmas with the Cooker. We have also "lost" the fridge, a car, Nat's TV,a kettle, toaster and now a washing machine. Most were round 10 years (or more) old so i shouldn't complain too much . Yesterday was quite distraught though as while taking the washing machine to the skip, my, just past it's MOT and recently serviced car, broke down and is still refusing to work. This morning Derek noticed that his window screen on his car was letting in too much rain so will need to be replaced ASAP ...this close to Christmas my car will just have to wait ..THAT i am miffed about.
I am so lucky as my neighbour has given me her old washing machine to use till i can buy a new one. We SHALL wear clean clothes! LOL
Sooooooooooooooooooo not that much scrapping OR card making done then. I have cooked this morning ( made a stew for tea, banana Cinnamon pancakesfor bekki and two cakes,one for the freezer) And cleaner the cooker (twice..long story).
Hopefully next time i post will be happier and more productive (scrap wise)
Enjoy the little bit of the weekend left xx

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