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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Finally something to look at !

I have Had this Lady's Blog saved in my favorites for ages now and last night i though i would actually make one of her MAGIC boxes. While it isn't a patch on hers, i am quite happy with how it turned out. Go look though her blog , you will be amazed! I found a tutorial on there too to make the box.

I am half way though my second one and Meg wants me to make some for her friends for Christmas presents.

These are a few Christmas cards i have made over the last few days/weeks.
All quite simple and using up scraps

Painting spare chipboard letters and then using crackle paint over the top.

Using the slice machine.

Scraps of Christmas paper.

snowflake stamp to make a tree.

I DO love this making memories sparkly paper.
Things aren't much better here as BOTH our cars are still in the garage. We are supposed to go Christmas shopping ( if we have any cash left!) on Tuesday, so, cross your fingers that we have a car to use or we will be staying home.
Right back to crafting with the odd it of tidying thrown in so i don't feel too guilty :)


GlitteryKatie said...

Perty work Miss Soo!!!

Boo said...

Oooh love your box Soo and that butterfly on the top is gorgeous. :D I visited that lady's site and wow I see what you mean - those boxes are gifts in themselves - certainly wouldn't need to put anything else in there. At least you've made some cards (and so much work you've put into them) - I've done NONE this year! Good luck with getting a car sorted my darling. xxx

magic boxes said...

Hi Sue
What a beautiful box!

The butterflies are stunning what gorgeous colours - they look iridescent, you've really captured their 'magic'. Fabulous job!!!

Love your Christmas cards too especially the ones with musical notes.

Thanks for giving me the link I love to see what people make.

If it's OK with you I'd like to put a link on my blog. (I want to link to boxes that other people have made).

Elaine X