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Saturday, December 12, 2009

More from last weekend

A fairy box! Meg has already earmarked this one!

The stamps (incl. the fairy ones are from Lavinia stamps )
And one from a stamping up set.

I am half way though another for a friend and made a small order from HERE
so i could make some of the other boxes as Elaine and her Mum Janet also have a shop
and design their own fab stamps.
In other news..WE HAVE A CAR!! Yes Derek's is back ( cost us a fortune !!) It is still a bit damp and we have had problems with the alarm going off, just hope that the more he drives it, to dryer it will be. It doesn't help that it is so cold. Can't afford to get mine looked at till after Christmas now, but at least Derek can get to work and a hosp. appointment on Monday.
Not put our tree up yet ..possibly tomorrow..maybe ..LOL

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Muckyfingers said...

Gorgeous box honeypie.... Sorry your car cost so damned much :( xXx