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Monday, December 21, 2009

This is my IACW Star..I am afraid that i just couldn't get the back to go as well as the front , but you cant see it anyway. I may have another go next year but with out the thick card.

My Christmas banner. I still have another to do :)

I quite like it with the lights behind.
I have spent most of the day sorting and tidying Natalie's room. It was like a black hole. She really isn't able to keep it clean and tidy by herself and i haven't been in for ages! I took three bags of clothes and rubbish out. I also sorted out her PC so that she is now online ( hopefully will not want to use MY PC anymore!)
Rubbish on TV to night , i might watch "The Wedding Singer " though :)


lyzzydee said...

Great Star, I bought one in France a few weeks ago and it is now my light shade in my bedroom!!

yvonne said...

Have a really happy christmas Soo