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Friday, July 16, 2010

Proud Mum!

We went to Dan's year 11 presentation evening last night. I must have cried half a dozen times as it was very moving. Only a parent of a child with learning problems can understand, all the years of worrying, of problems , often daily. Trying to find ways to help them learn to feel good about themselves and NOT measure against "normal" children.
The pupils from The Ashley special school presented the evening. One young girl found the reading difficult and burst into tears (reminding me of when Nats left school) but later she came back and tried again ..she got the biggest round of applause!
Two of the worker from the house where Dan used to sleep over on a Thursday night, Telling us stories of all the antics he used to get up to.
Two of the guys from the construction site that Dan has had a placement with for the past two years. I thought it was so lovely they they turned up to show their support. Again they had lots of funny stories, apparently they used to teach him to dance!?!
Dan's form. The blond young lady told me that she was Dan's current girl friend.
He received a special award for being the most friendly pupil in the school. The youngest pupils, yr's 1 - 6 voted for him.
He has OCR Entry Level in English, Maths, science,resistant materials and Clait. A certificate for food safety, first aid , BTEC skills for working life and a bronze D of E :D

I went to our year 11 Prom. These pupils started high school when i started as a TA. Some of them where at primary school with Dan and are still friends. I will miss them.
Jordan , who registered with us each morning , my boss/partner and oonagh who did most of the organizing and gave us flowers.

Dunstan Hall nr Norwich. Aren't they beautiful?!


Muckyfingers said...

Wow. Amazing photos Soo and you are so pretty in prom outfit #2. Love you millions xoxoxox

Nickibee said...

Well done Dan!!! So you should be a proud Mummy Soo, I know what a constant struggle it is for SN Mummies. Well done to you too for getting him there.

Karen said...

Sue - you must be so proud of Dan and what lovely photos. You looked lovely in your 'prom' dress.