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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grumpy Drawers!

Doesn't like having his photo taken, especially while chatting ( via dads iPhone) on face book AND watching afternoon TV.
I made him get up early this morning ( BEFORE LUNCH!) to go for a check up at the ADHD clinic, probably his last as he will soon be too old. They are very happy with him as he has been off meds for a year now and is quite calm. I am pleased that they will keep his case open for the next year ( just in case) until he is 18 , next October. He was weighted ( not under weight by much thankfully) and he is now 6 foot ( and growing!).
Got all his college details in the post today as well ..I do feel better knowing that everything is in place. Just waiting for transport to be confirmed now.
Right a bit a crafting before I cook tea.

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