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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sad few Days

For Cavell and Dad
Steph and Ericka

Went to visit Steph yesterday. She is doing SO well after such a big, nasty op but it hurts so much to see her like that.... vulnerable , she says she is not in pain which if true is a small miracle. I, personally think that she said that just for us. Hopefully she will be home soon. Cross everything for her.
Today 20 years ago we were with Steph and Ericka when Cav died :( Sometimes those years have dragged but other times is seems like yesterday as I can remember every detail. He would have celebrated his 23rd Birthday this year.
Tomorrow it is three years since dad died :(
You can see why I shall be glad when this week is over!
Will post with something nice next time.

Ohh I do have a new blog.....nothing much on it yet though Here Called paper ,ink and glue.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't lying babe, I won't lie to you. I am now getting prickly pains around the scar which are annoying more than anything else, but I won't complain cos it means I am healing BITC :0) xoxoxox

Boo said...

Sorry you are suffering so much Soo. Been thinking of you for ages and wishing you well darling. xxx