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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Favorite bit of Christmas..........Boxing day!

These photos were taken yesterday..of course! Meg was very excited :)

A heat pack teddy :)

Derek has wanted a bird table for a little while now and as the school's "Eco warrior" I thought we ought to have one.

He wore this all day! LOL.

As I said before, i am not the biggest fan of Christmas. I miss my mum and dad and family..we used to have everyone round when the children were little. There is too much "stuff" to do and buy. Yesterday was great, everyone was happy with what they got ..there were no iPod's or real big presents but thats what birthdays are for :)
The meal was lovely and for once I actually enjoyed it - its not always so good when you do all the cooking. We always eat late now as no one is that hungry at lunchtime.
Today we are having left over turkey for tea made the Jamie Oliver way Dan won't like it as it involves veg so he can have something else.
Hope you all survived Christmas and don't have to rush back to work too soon - Derek is back tonight .

Love Soojay xx


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