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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Starting to feel like Christmas.

The tree had to be Squeezed into the corner i am afraid. Our living room is a little on the small side. Its okay though and i bought some chocs to pop on it today...if i put them on too soon, they disappear long before Christmas day.

Finally got round to making Cinnamon Buns. I made 14 all together but there are none left! Even Dan ate two and hates nuts! They definitely tasted better than they looked.

A rare photo of Natalie NOT pulling a funny face. We took her to her placement Christmas dinner today and after we dropped her off, managed to get some shopping done. She had a great time and was laden down with raffle prizes she won when we picked her up.

My own personal Santa. He is a nutter who loves to go shopping on Christmas Eve!! Rather him than me! Mind you he does tend to get MY pressies i shall send him with a long list...keep your fingers crossed that he comes back with "Plan B's" CD :)

Love Soojay xxx

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