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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Update

 Listening to : Will young - I LOVE "Jealousy" can't stop singing it.

 Also Listening to : pre release of "Blackout the Sun" WOW! I am also in love with "Blood stained heart"
And getting excited about going to see him (Darren Hayes-Just in-case you didn't know) on October 19th

 Watching new series of Waterloo Road. Not sure about that new Head!!

 Finally got to see this film last night. Derek wasn't keen to start with , it being set in 30's- We both loved it.

Just over halfway though reading this book - already shed loads of tears!! I LOVE this author, hope she writes some more soon. Lots of mystery with a twist.

VERY Proud of my Sister Annette who ran 10K Hyde-park charity walk yesterday and raised £970 for mouth Cancer. You can still donate HERE if you would like to help her reach her target of £1000.

Well, thats my week. Back to normal at school, already been to one college parents evening (For Meg), playing catch up with the washing again. Signing letters for trips out, making what feels like hundreds of packed lunches a week ! 

Love Soojay xxx


Rose said...

A big well done to your sister!

I like will youngs new song too!

Breana Crossley said...

You should try reading the book Water for Elephants, its wonderful--much better than the movie. Even though the lovely Edward is in the movie ;)