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Friday, October 28, 2011

Dan and ADHD

I was talking to someone about ADHD recently and about how Dan is so much Calmer nowadays- even with out any ADHD meds. We stopped them when he was diagnosed with nocturnal Epilepsy. The doc was very keen on him taking medication for that so we slowly stopped the clonodine  ( he didn't take ritalin as he also has Tourettes and Ritalin can sometimes make tics worse) So now he just takes the minimum dose of Tregratol to stop him "fitting" in the night. 
Anyway the tics are quite small at the moment and don't seem to give him too much trouble- they get worse when he is worried or excited about anything. I have spent his whole life keeping everything as clam as possible for him.  We HAVE had tough times- school exclusions, holes punched in doors ( quite a few doors actually). Lots of friendship problems although the little kids stopped taking the mick when he got taller ;)

 I took some photos of him on his 18th Birthday . He hates having his photo taken but think that more of and age thing- I don't know many boys who like to sit to have their photo taken at his age. I took half a dozen but he was getting very bored- I guess the play station ( even now at 18 , he is not allowed to play violent games, just sporty ones) or maybe Facebook ( i am a friend and know his password) 

He had gone before I realized Ha Ha Ha - there are occassional times i forget the ADHD - but he reminds me :) Love him!

Love Soojay xxx

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lyzzydee said...

Lovely post, proud mummy!!!