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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy 18th Danny

 Getting this boy to have his photo taken is as rare as hens teeth! And smiling too-Wow!

We have had a quiet day at home, he bought himself a new smart phone with birthday money - I am so glad as it means i can actually contact him now! We bought him a fab Lenovo touch screen PC and while it cost quite a bit, I don't mind. I suppose because I know he won't be taking driving lessons like a lot of boys his age. Quite apart from the ADHD, he also has epilepsy.
Anyway the boy asked for burger and chips for tea- sometimes i do love his simple tastes _ nice and easy :). 
I had better get to it.

Love Soojay xxx


Muckyfingers said...

Beautiful, beautiful man :) xXx

Glen said...

Happy Birthday to your son Sue. He is a handsome guy - watch out girls! What a wise choice for his birthday. I am sure he will get hours of pleasure from both of his pressies. TFS. ~Glen~

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