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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Not A Wonderful Week!

I am quite pleased it is over! its been busy busy busy at work although I do seem to have managed to keep up. We are still waiting for noticeboards and bits of furniture to arrive and the poor electrician turned up yesterday to put extra sockets and pc access point in but was not allowed to drill as there was a drama exam next door. He is coming back next week so cross your fingers.
A friend I had as a teen lost her dad last weekend - I practically lived at hers when I was growing up and went on holiday with the family. Her dad was responsible for getting Derek to join the fire service when we first moved back here. I haven't seen him for a while but am so sad he has died.
Money has been tight this week too - if feels like ages since I went out at the weekend - so I was also feeling sorry for myself. Derek's car needed loads spent on it for its MOT and there are the usual bills to pay.
He did finally hear that he will soon get a tax rebate (we have been waiting since before Christmas!) So it looks like I will soon be able to get my dishwasher so I can save a bit of time ( not to mention my hands!!)
 Missed Steph so much this week too, really wanted a chat with her.
 Found out that Derek is deficient in Vitamin strange , although he has worked nights since I have known him so it sort of makes sense. Anyway he has an intensive course of vitamin D tabs to take and a check up in a month.
 Meg has an appointment soon to get braces- that should be fun. The diabetic clinic are really pleased with her blood sugars at the moment.
Right better go and cook tea and sort a bit more laundry out .
Here's to Sunshine next week :) :)

Love Soojay xxx


Muckyfingers said...

Next week will be better my lovely and we soon have Debden to look forward to as well xXx

Glen said...

I hope things are going better for you this week Sue. Life has it's ups and downs and I can equate with the car finances! ~Glen~