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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ha Ha Not a much better week!

Not to start with anyway. Our Wedding Anniversary on Monday (29 yrs) Too broke to do much and a big argument about money.
Tuesday dear hubby "lost" my debit card after I gave it to him to get me some money - thinks he left it in the bank not sure. So I cancelled it and ordered a new one - have to transfer funds my our account into daughter so i could get cash to pay for his car repairs. This week nearly £1,000 on both our cars and MOT :(
The tax rebate we had been waiting for for almost a year finally arrived but has been eaten up already so I still have to wait for new dish washer . I AM ordering it on Thursday though :)
New Card arrived in record time 2 days wow impressed.
Fell over at work on Weds- stupidly tripped UP some steps , thankfully no one saw - yes i did fill in an accident form. My boss also had an accident carrying a box upstairs on Weds . We both has a visit from the health and safety officer ha ha!We are both fine and bruises healing nicely.
Went to another funeral on Friday. A man who used to work with my dad . I became best friends with his daughter in the 70's. We went on holiday together and I was always at their house.Later he recruited Derek into the fire service and was in charge for a while.  VERY sad he had recently been battling with cancer.
We finally got the rest of our furniture at work (flat pack) but the caretakers were no where to be seen, so we put it altogether ourselves. Looks good too!
 The week got better after that ( well The weekend did) We finally went out locally to celebrate on Saturday with some friends- Derek got a bit too tipsy but thankfully we only had to walk home. After a little shopping today he has gone for a lay down.
Looking forward to next week (I WILL get my new dishwasher on Friday ...yayyy) and it will be half term the week after.

Back soon.
One of our year 11's

Love Soojay xxx

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