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Friday, May 04, 2012

Ohh My Goodness

A WHOLE month with no internet!! Its been VERY frustrating especially with three blogs to run . I had no idea how much time i spent here! I AM going to try to spend less time but at the moment i am just catching up with stuff.
In The last month , so much has happened:
My Darling Sister Steph came home to her final resting place on 21st April . I know she wanted it to be a happy day and we did try. She is now with mum ,dad and Cavell. I love that photo of her ;)
 One of our ex pupils died in a car accident a couple of weeks ago , just after his 18th Birthday, he was one of my favorites - i had hoped not to attend another funeral so soon :(
 At work, our office is being refurbished and its looking good although it stressful as it is being done while we are working in it - nothing arrives when it is supposed to. Its a sad time of year as we will soon be saying goodbye to the yr 11's. They are busy sorting out their prom and more important "after party"!
 Derek and Dan have been away twice. Once to wales, to visit family and also last weekend to the army, navy rugby match at Twickenham.
Right I have "stuff" to do..i won't leave it so long next time :)

Love Soojay xx

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vixen said...

I am sorry for all the loss you and your family are going through sending hugs, hope your office gets finished soon x