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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fundraising and Flowers

 An open house /cake sale at my sisters house. All in aid of my niece Eva going off with the 6th form to South Africa for two weeks this summer. She has been working hard organizing cake sales, band nights, washing cars and she still has a way to go.

 I gave her 100 of my cards to sell so cross your fingers.

 On Friday, my boss and I were given two bouquets of flowers each from yr 11's. The pink one smells amazing . They are so beautiful and after such a busy ,hectic week, make everything worthwhile.
 This one is all white .

I am sure that she won't mind if i take it to the cemetery tomorrow.

It will be 22 years since we lost darling Cavell on 1st July and My dad 5 years ago on 2nd. I have not been up to the cemetery since after passing  away in February, my sister Steph was interred in April .What with mum also there, it gets harder and harder. I am feeling very weepy at the moment but will go tomorrow.

Love Soojay xxx

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