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Saturday, June 23, 2012

That Manic time of the year again!

Especially at school . Most year 11's have left now, last exams this week. Prom on Wednesday night  ( new dress arrived on Monday) Shopping for shoes tomorrow. I love the prom but wish it wasn't in the middle of the week. Yr 13 have theirs the following week (in the middle) , I usually take hubby to that one. Then two weeks of yr 10 work Experience and end of term.
 My Children all left school and are finishing college for the Summer in the next week or so. We just need some Sun now!
 Off to little Sisters next Sat to help raise some funds for my niece to go to Africa . Baking cakes and hopefully selling some cards.
 Ooh finally got round to getting my hair cut and some pretty golden low lights put in , will get a photo for you soon.
 That's about all for now.

Love Soojay xxx

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